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24X7 Communications Incorporated is an international VoIP wholesaler provider excelling in the field of VoIP hosting, billing, termination and consulting. Being based in the Philippines, we are established in the business sector of Asia Pacific. Our IT architecture comprises of the best updated system maintained by experienced, qualified and skilled professionals. We provide products and services to mid, large and carrier customers. Our network is built to support fast, reliable, efficient transport of data services – and it is built from the ground up for consistent performance throughout the network.

24x7 is committed to impeccable corporate citizenship and is dedicated to making its solutions accessible in meeting the evolving needs of customers in an increasingly connected and convergent society. Together with our zealous partners and companies we bound to the commitment of providing a scalable and flexible IT system to spearhead the ever changing demands of different companies.


24x7 continually seeks to create new value by providing customers with comprehensive solutions comprising highly reliable high-performance products and services based on powerful technologies. Through this, we aim to grow, realize profits and foster mutually beneficial relationships in our communities worldwide.


To achieve our objectives we aim to abide by the following guiding principles:

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